I have been repairing and modifying the PS3 since around 2008. I have also been a part of the psdevwiki community, helping people downgrade their PS3s.

I have also developed validation software for the PS3 and PS4 (BwE NOR Validator) which is still used today (See the Downloads page). I have also released some of my repair software on GitHub, so check it out!

I repair using professional reworking equipment and all of my parts are taken from original consoles (so nothing fake). All of my repairs can be done overnight if not on the spot!

Hey! Don't forget I can also fix other non PlayStation PCB's, so if you have somehow destroyed your car's ECU, need the flash of a hard drive replaced or even fried your walkman - I can have a look!

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Basically, your PS3 or PS4 cannot turn on, or does but the controller doesn't sync these are your options!

  • Hot Air Reflow* to APU/RSX chip, Liquid Flux & Arctic 5 thermal paste: $80
  • IR Reflow* to APU/RSX chip, AMTEL flux, Arctic 5 thermal paste, New thermal adhesive & 6 Month warranty: $100
  • IR Reball (Or Replacement) of APU/RSX chip, AMTEL flux, Arctic 5 thermal paste, Leaded Solder & 1-2 Year warranty: $150
  • If issue is not caused by APU/RSX (Software/Other Chip): $100-200

These above repairs require an upfront payment of $50 (Deducted from the total)

*Reflow implies that the solder will become liquidous (melted completely).

Other Services (Including Installation):

  • New laser: $50-100
  • Power Supplies: $50-100
  • HDMI Port Replacement (or HDMI IC Reflow/Replace): $80-150 (Deposit Required)
  • Repair Bluray Drive (Ejecting, Not Accepting): $20-80
  • Modify/Backup PS4 NOR flash memory: $80-100 (Provided in .bin format)
  • BwE PS4 NOR validator service: $10 (Supply .bin format)
  • Repair USB Port/Bluray PCB Issues: $100+
  • Repair WiFi/Bluetooth Issues (Controller Not Syncing): $100
  • Jailbreaking: Ask
  • Custom Controllers/Controller Repair: Ask
  • Replace Random Broken Part: Ask

  • For part ordering a 50% deposit is required.

    Extra Services:

  • Clean out and replace solder paste of Laptop/PS3/PS4
  • Backup/Flash & Replace HDD PCB (For PC HDD Repair)
  • Remove/Replace IC on any PCB
  • Anything not listed, relating to Playstation consoles (Or any random soldering work)
  • I can provide console parts in bulk to other repairers or hobbyists

  • Prices updated June 2019



Below are a list of my recommended files for jailbreaking your PS4, have fun and enjoy!

If you don't know how to use these, please don't...

Applications Developed By Better Way Electronics:

BwE PS4 NOR Validator v1.4.4 (Updated 16/8/19) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 WiFi-BT Patcher & Extractor v1.3.5 (Updated 16/8/19) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 NOR Comparator v1.2 (Updated 2/3/19) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.1 (Updated 22/12/18) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More