I have been repairing and modifying Playstation consoles since 2008. I have also been a part of the psdevwiki community, developing software and techniques to downgrade the PS3.

I currently still develop validation software for the PS3 and PS4 (BwE NOR Validator) (See the Downloads page). I have also released some of my repair software on GitHub.

I repair using professional reworking and soldering equipment and all of my parts and chips are original. Most repairs can be done overnight if not on the spot! I also accept B2B repairs in bulk.

Hey! Don't forget I can also fix just about any PCB - just let me know the issue and I will see what I can do!

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PS4 Services/Repairs:

  • SU-42118-6 & SU-41333-4 Errors (Cannot update console)
  • Replace Power Supply (No light, no sound)
  • HDMI IC Replacement (No picture but controller syncs)
  • HDMI Port Replacement (Visibly damaged)
  • Repair Bluray Drive (Ejecting constantly, no power, not ejecting)
  • Modify/Backup PS4 NOR flash memory
  • Repair USB Port/Bluray PCB Issues
  • Repair WiFi/Bluetooth Issues (Controller not syncing but still boots)
  • Custom Controllers/Controller Repair
  • Replace Random Broken Part

    Other Services:

  • PS3 YLOD Repair (NEC/TOKIN Replacement)
  • Replace/Remove Surface Mount Chips
  • Flash/Reprogram Chips
  • Changing the caps on your PCB
  • Repair Small Soldering Issues
  • Supply Repair Equipment/Console Parts (Bulk)

    Error Code Lookup:

  • Avaliable here
  • Supplied by PSDevWiki and Pearlxcore

    All Repairs/Part Ordering/Inspections Require Minimum Deposit Amount


Applications Developed By Better Way Electronics:

BwE PS4 NOR Validator v1.5.2 (Updated 20/11/20) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More
Example Output

BwE PS4 WiFi-BT Patcher & Extractor v1.3.5 (Updated 20/11/20) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 NOR Comparator v1.4 (Updated 21/3/20) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.1 (Updated 22/12/18) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

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Below are a list of my recommended (but now definitely outdated) files for jailbreaking your PS4, have fun and enjoy!

If you don't know how to use these, please don't...