I have been repairing and modifying the PS3 since around 2008. I have also been a part of the psdevwiki community, helping people downgrade their PS3s.

I have also developed validation software for the PS3 and PS4 (BwE NOR Validator) which is still used today (See the Downloads page)

I repair using professional reworking equipment and all of my parts are taken from original consoles (so nothing fake). I also do other repairs to other things, but thats for another time!

All of my repairs can be done overnight if not on the spot! Every console I repair will get a full clean out and new silver based thermal paste.

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Basically, your PS3 or PS4 cannot turn on but has a light these are your options...

  • Hot Air Reflow* to APU/RSX chip, Liquid Flux & Arctic 5 thermal paste: $100
  • IR Reflow* to APU/RSX chip, AMTEL flux, Arctic 5 thermal paste, New thermal adhesive & 6 Month warranty: $150
  • IR Reball (Or Replacement) of APU/RSX chip, AMTEL flux, Arctic 5 thermal paste, Leaded Solder & 1-2 Year warranty: $200
  • If issue is not caused by APU/RSX (Software/Other Chip): $100-200

These above repairs require an upfront payment of $50 (Deducted from the total)

*Reflow implies that the solder will become liquidous (melted completely).

Other Services (Including Installation):

  • New laser: $50-150
  • Power Supplies: $80-100
  • HDMI Port Replacement: $120-150 (Deposit Required)
  • Repair Bluray Drive (Ejecting, Not Accepting): $50-80
  • Modify/Backup PS4 NOR flash memory: $100-150 (Provided in .bin format)
  • BwE PS4 NOR validator service: $10 (Supply .bin format)
  • Repair USB Port/Bluray PCB Issues: $120+
  • Repair WiFi/Bluetooth Issues (Controller Not Syncing): $120
  • Jailbreaking: Ask
  • Custom Controllers/Controller Repair: Ask
  • Replace Random Broken Part: Ask

  • For part ordering a 50% deposit is required.

    Extra Services:

  • Clean out and replace solder paste of Laptop/PS3/PS4
  • Backup/Flash & Replace HDD PCB (For PC HDD Repair)
  • Anything not listed, relating to Playstation consoles (Or any random soldering work)
  • I can provide console parts in bulk to other repairers or hobbyists



Below are a list of my recommended files for jailbreaking your PS4, have fun and enjoy!

If you don't know how to use these, please don't...

Applications Developed By Better Way Electronics:

BwE PS4 NOR Validator v1.3.8 (Updated 21-2-19) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 WiFi-BT Patcher & Extractor v1.3 (Updated 19-1-19) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.1 (Updated 22-12-18) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More

BwE PS4 NOR Comparator v1.1 (Updated 20-1-19) (Archive Password: BwE)
Learn More