Terms and Conditions:

  1. The buyer assumes full responsibility for the suitability and compatibility of their purchase with their PC and or console as well as the usefulness of the products for their given situation and use case.
  2. All products, be it software, hardware as well as any services sold by Better Way Electronics cannot be refunded for any reason.
  3. The HWID license key for the programs cannot be regenerated for a new PC, the licenses are for a single PC only. Should you require a license for a second PC you must purchase a second license or a USB based license
  4. Your HWID may become invalid if you change hardware or software configurations on your computer. If you have not run the HWID Generator in the past I will not be able to assist you with generating a new license.
  5. The licenses for all software are lifetime licenses, meaning they do not expire. However, this does not imply that there will be a lifetime of updates, nor does it imply that the server that the software communicates with will always exist or be online. Be aware that the software may stop functioning should this happen.
  6. The BwE PS4 Syscon Writer hardware is sold in a working condition and has been individually tested to read and write a Syscon prior to posting. Any lack of functionality is the responsibility of the end user. The buyer assumes full responsibility for any issues that arise with the hardware.
  7. Better Way Electronics reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at will and without informing current and existing customers. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these terms.
  8. The Syscon Writer software license file will only be provided to the buyer once the hardware has been confirmed to be received by the buyer.
  9. Better Way Electronics is not obligated or required to provide any support or assistance for any of the products after purchase.
  10. The HWID license key for the Syscon Writer software is for one PC and cannot be changed/regenerated/renewed under any circumstances (regardless of your PC changes being large or small). Your only option is to purchase a USB License should you require a new one.
  11. Your personal information, including but not limited to your name, address and phone number will be collected by Stripe and by Better Way Electronics when you purchase any products.
  12. Your computer's information, including but not limited to its IP address, browser metadata and hardware configuration will be collected by Stripe and Better Way Electronics.
  13. Better Way Electronics reserves the right to deny or revoke your access to current and future services, software and hardware for any reason.
  14. No support will be provided for Better Way Electronics software if the resultant issue is from the use of 3rd party hardware.
  15. Most hardware supplied by Better Way Electronics bares a marking of some sort, this is used to indicate that I have tested the product and it is supplied by the business. Should this or any other marking be removed by the customer, all support for the product is revoked.
  16. Better Way Electronics reserves the right to deny your chosen method of payment and request an alternative. If you have ignored this and continued to make a purchase, you will not receieve what you have bought and you will not get a refund.
  17. It is your responsibility to generate your HWID and provide it to Better Way Electronics, failing to submit it or submitting it incorrectly will drastically delay your license generation.
  18. Should your parcel be rejected by your local customs and it is returned to Better Way Electronics it will be resent at your expense. If it is rejected by Australian customs, it will be resent at Better Way Electronics' expense.
  19. Should your country not allow shipping by the method you have paid for, the next best method will be chosen for you. There are no refunds for the price differences in shipping.
  20. Shipping by DHL incurs an additional fee and may require you to supply your government photo ID.
  21. Better Way Electronics reserves the right to not ship to your country for any reason.
  22. Delays in shipping are the responsibility of your country's customs.

By purchasing any product of service from Better Way Electronics the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions.